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Politics 01.05.2005

I haven't written a rant in a long time because I just haven't felt like writing. Especially, given how I've felt about politics.. I'm sadly disappointed with all the parties. In the US Presidental race the Democrats ended up going for a centrist that really didn't end up sounding a whole lot different from Bush and so tried to avoid explaining his policies. The Libertarian Party has some really outlandish beliefs that will never be accepted by main stream America. I really just don't feel represented anymore. Maybe I never was really represented.

To top it all off my confidence in our election procedures is pretty slim. Even after two months we still aren't sure who the Governor of Washington will be. The Republicans don't like the results of the election and are asking for a revote. Which of course there's no provision for in the law. All the while they're complaining that the rules got changed on them in midstream. It all seems very hypocritical to me.

So in the end I'm left with more questions than things to rant about. Where can I find someone to vote for that can truely feel like they represent me? How can we know that our votes are being counted and not manipulated? Ultimately, it comes down to trust and I don't trust any of them anymore. I can only hope that as my own generation enters politics we'll do something better.