december 2002





More proof that the increased security at airports is pointless:

Why government tarrifs on trade are dumb. As far as I'm concerned,
we should let the market do what the market does best:

From the give me a break department:

Just when you thought the world couldn't get dumber...
Attempted terrorism on behalf of dead astronaut (what an idiot):

Good editorial about how we have too many people in prison:

Of Iraq and our constitution... and interesting question:

The Tightening Noose on Civil Liberties:

Editorial on Transportation Issues in the Seattle Area:

Interesting but long article on US Foreign Policy, includes
some details on the history of our foreign policy.

Aren't we the defender of human rights?
(Note this article was also in the Seattle Times on Sat)

I'm normally not one to read the religion page, but this is just too

This just in, you do have to pay income taxes. Duhh

Hopefully something that will become a weekly fixture if it's available.
How your lawmakers voted week ending Friday Jan 10, 2003.

Illinois governor commutes every one of state's death sentences

Opening car-pool lanes a bad idea (changed my mind on the topic):

Amussing cartoon:

The war on condoms:

Dal.Net (an IRC network for those that don't know) died this week.
Shutting it's network, website,
etc... down after months of Denial of Service attacks. I'm not aware of
an article about
the shutdown, but here is what is going on:

Expression is far from free in the American art scene

Banished Words List: